Video and Audio Resources

Here is a list of audio and video resources we’ve created. We placed them on YouTube to make it easy for you to access them. We hope you find them helpful in the work you are doing with our clinical psychologists at the practice.

Mindfulness audio

Mindfulness of Breath

Breathing In

Leaves on a Stream

Balloon meditation


Five Things

Mindfulness of Physical Pain

Here are some great resources to help you with some of the things we might discuss with you at Sydney Clinical Psychology

Brene Brown on Vulnerability. In this segment she discusses how both ‘negative’ emotions like fear and vulnerability are important if we are to feel alive and live a meaningful life.

Eleanor Longden on the voices in our heads. Eleanor talks about how she learned to understand and live with the voices in her head, which is remarkable as she suffered from schizophrenia. It really helps to show how much we can achieve.

Kelly McGonigal‘s research shows that it is not stress that is harmful, but the beliefs we have about it.