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Trauma And Loss

There is no doubt that life can be challenging and at times very difficult. As a result, most people have some type of potentially traumatic experience during their life.

Alcohol and Drug Problems

So much of people’s social lives revolve around alcohol and it is everywhere; sport, advertising, bars, barbeques, it’s everywhere and is often seen a right. However, in recent times alcohol has become increasingly the focus of government policy because the negative costs to society of alcohol and drug use is nothing but staggering. 


Everyone worries, it’s quite normal and is actually quite helpful for most people. Worry involves your brain bringing up things that could go wrong, and ideally you then work through the potential problem and find a solution.

Sleep Problems

Sleep is a behaviour and skill. Like any other behaviour we can develop good and bad habits. Good sleep habits leave us feeling rested and refreshed while ongoing bad sleeping habits can affect many areas of our lives. In addition to our sleeping behaviour, problems in our lives can also impact on our sleep.

Workplace Stress Management

A degree of stress at work is normal for most people. There is always some form of pressure at work, whether that be deadlines, budgets, coping with change and so on. In addition, work brings us into contact with all kinds of people, some of whom we may have very little to do with were it not for work.

Anger Problems

Anger is an emotion. Like all emotions it involves thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical sensations. Anger involves the same kinds of physical sensations as anxiety, although they are not necessarily experienced the same way.


Most of us feel sad or miserable at times. These feelings may follow a disappointment, loss of a friend, loss of a job, or a number of other stressful or unpleasant life events. These feelings of sadness are very common and are experienced by everyone.


Anxiety a very common reaction that everyone will experience from time to time. The role of anxiety is to warn and protect us against danger. What we call anxiety is a collection of thoughts, feelings, behaviour and bodily sensations.