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Senior Social Worker, Couple & Family Therapist
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Dr Mary Cantrill

Dr Mary Cantrill is a highly experienced Couple and Family Therapist with a Bachelor of Social Work (Honours), Master of Couple and Family Therapy, and a PhD in Social Work from the University of New South Wales. With over 20 years of experience, Mary is highly skilled in working with a range of presenting issues that include developmental lifecycle transitions such as, coupling, marriage, affairs, separation and divorce, pregnancy, parental adjustment, blended families, child rearing, mental and physical illness, disability, and grief and loss.  

Mary is also an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDR) who specialises in private mediation and facilitation post separation, helping couples with custody, property, and financial disputes.

Mary brings a wealth of experience to her work, with a background in both government and private health settings, as well as in tertiary education, qualitative research, and allied health supervision. Her dedication to helping couples and families improve their relationships is evident in the way she approaches her work. Mary is passionate about helping clients change the blueprint of their relationships, and works with them to enhance intimacy, develop positive communication strategies, and effectively manage emotional reactivity. With her warm, empathic, and non-judgmental approach, Mary is committed to supporting clients of all ages and backgrounds in creating better lives and healthier relationships.

Mary is a full member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) and is accredited by the Federal Attorney General for mediation services.

She offers appointments at Sydney Clinical Psychology on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8am – 3pm.